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Why Wash Carpets?

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A carpet not well looked after can weigh 5 times its own original weight and 4/5 of the weight is dirt collected overtime.

Before carpets were fitted to the floor, you would have aired your carpets at least once or twice a year and beat them thoroughly to let clouds of dust to billow out. Since most carpets are now fitted in homes and in offices and are centrally heated, dust mites are able to thrive on dust. This would severely affect those with allergies.

Misconceptions Set Right

It is a common misconception that just by vacuuming, it gets rid of the dust out of your carpet. Washing carpets is proven to leave carpets notably cleaner than dry vacuuming alone according to Cleaning Research International.

Vacuuming only removes the layer of dirt on the surface, leaving the inner dirt to remain. In the long run, the grit and dirt gets deeper until it cuts into the pile, leaving it withered looking wearing off the fibres.

Before And After The Vax Treatment


This is what a carpet looks like when it has been vacuumed regularly. There is no surface dirt but dirt is still buried deep down, gnawing at the pile. In the long run, it will look tired and flat.


This is an identical strip of the same carpet on the left. After washing with VAX, all that inner dirt is cleared, attaining the original colour and the pile is soft and springy all the way down to the backing again.

Myths On Washing Carpets

There has been an ongoing myth that washing carpets will damage them, especially those made out of wool. This is not true. Instead, washing your carpet will retain the original colour of your carpet and even brighten it up a little, eliminate the odour and bacteria and increase the longevity of the condition of your carpet.

Using our formula of VAX, the carpet fibres are washed without wetting the backing. Therefore, there is no risk of shrinking and the carpet will be dry in a short period of time.

Relief For Allergy Sufferers

Carpet cleaning services in Singapore is by far the most effective method to get rid of germs and bacteria left by dust mites in your carpets. These residues can result in an asthma attack or other irritants, acting as gateway entry for air waste to enter your home.

VAX FibreFlow and Karcher Professional Carpet Washing Systems – Hot Water Extractions

VAX pioneered carpet washing by developing its patented Fibreflow Washing System.

Singapore carpet cleaning

VAXs' unique cleaning action gently circulates warm water/ cleaning solution through the carpet fibres without wetting the backing of the carpet. Damaging deep-down dirt is loosened and then sucked back up into the machine.

See the difference!

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Carpet cleaning with our VAX machine is as simple as vacuuming. The cleaning head has been specially designed to roll over the carpet smoothly and with ease.

After using our VAX system, you will notice a major change in the brightness of the colour and texture of the pile. After tackling on the inner dirt for the first time, cleaning will become much easier. Our Karcher Professional Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning machines use similar systems too.

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