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Full- Time Maid Services

Full- Time Maid Services

In Singapore, many homes would require both adults to work in order to lead a comfortable and sustain a family. Do you need a pair of hands to help in your housework so that you can free yourselves from the hassle housework after a stressful day at work, and spend better quality time with your family or gathering with friends? We provide full-time live in Indonesian and Filipino maids via our licensed partner agency.

We guarantee quality maid with good working attitude, obedient and trained in doing various housework. Engaging our service to take care of the following while hiring a full-time maid:

  • Foreign maid is at least 16 years old and younger than 60, and she is medically fit for employment.
  • Foreign maid will undergo a medical examination and be certified medically fit by a local doctor within 2 weeks of arriving in Singapore.
  • Work permit for the foregin maid will be applied.
  • Contract drawn between the maid and you, stipulating in writing terms of employment.
  • The maid's airfare from her home country will be covered by agency.
  • Insurance for the banker's guarantee- $5000 bond to be payable to the Immigration Authorities if the maid absconds.
  • Insurance for the maid against accident/ injury.

On average, full-time Filipino maids will get paid about $300-400 a month and entitled to at least a day off per month, while Indonesian maids are paid $200-$250 a month. This is because Filipino maids will generally have better english capability. The wages may vary depending on the maid's experience.

It is important to note that employers who change maids five times or more in a year will need to attend an orientation program for employers and may be interviewed by the Ministry of Manpower to establish the reason for the cnages. Future applications for foregin maids may also be rejected, therefore, it is necessary to engage a good agency providing quality maids to save your trouble.