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A-Cube Microsystems - Your Professional House,Office and Carpet Cleaning Partner

Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Events Cleaning

A-Cube Microsystems is a NEA licensed office cleaning company who has been faithfully serving our Singapore clients for more than 15 years.

We offer part-time office cleaners and part-time office cleaning services to all businesses in Singapore.

Office cleaning services in Singapore are available daily or weekly and they are available for all commercial property and offices including hospital, shopping mall, warehouses etc.

Our office cleaning services usually take 2-4 hours and we are thorough in our work, cleaning surface of tables, chairs, dusting of cupboards, washing windows, clearing waste baskets, vacuuming or mopping of floors etc. We are certainly flexible on special arrangements and requests for any office cleaning in Singapore.

Singapore office cleaning services
office cleaning services in Singapore   

No. of sessions / hrs Pricing
Once a week (2-4 hrs) Pls Contact Us
Twice a week (2-4 hrs) Pls Contact Us
Thrice a week (2-4 hrs) Pls Contact Us
5 days a week (2-4 hrs) Pls Contact Us
5.5 days a week (2-4 hrs) Pls Contact Us

office cleaning services Singapore

  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning/Washing, Carpet Shampooing, Carpet Steaming Service
  2. Carpet Tiles Supply and Installation
  3. Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Pre-Events and Post-Events Cleaning, Painting
  4. Full-Time Maid Services (Indonesian and Philippines Nationality) via our partner licensed agency
  5. Curtain Installing and Curtain Laundry Services
  6. Polishing of Parquet and Marble
  7. Vehicle Delivery of Products
  8. Other misc services (you can request for it)

We also provide other miscellaneous services upon request such as through carpet cleaning. This entails carpet shampooing, carpet steaming and even carpet installation if need be. Additionally, painting and marble or parquet polishing, aircon servicing, curtain laundry are available too. Call us now to find out more!