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A-Cube Microsystems - Your Professional House,Office and Carpet Cleaning Partner

Are you a single / expatriate foreigner/ couple/ or a family with NO TIME to do housekeeping chores due to a busy work schedule? Leave the dirty and boring tasks to us! We will sanitize your house completely, keeping it dirt, bacteria, grease, dust, virus free, making your house a more pleasant and healthy environment to live in.

Weekly Home Cleaning Services

Promotion now on! Hurry and contact us now to enjoy the offer!

No agency fees.

Very flexible policies.

Other competitors may charge you less per hour, but in other words, they pay their cleaners even less, so their cleaners' morale and performance will inevitably suffer over the long term, thus affecting you.

Services range from:

  1. Vacuuming/Sweeping and Mopping of floor
  2. Windows Cleaning
  3. Laundry and Ironing
  4. Bed sheet and Curtain Changing
  5. Washing of Toilets
  6. Cleaning of bathroom and kitchen tiles
  7. Cleaning of stove areas
  8. Wiping of tables and furniture
  9. All other ad hoc jobs at your request.

Pls note that owners are to provide the necessary equipment, accessories and cleaning liquids for the cleaners.

Payment: We will send you an invoice at the end of each month and payment can be made via cheque, ATM bank transfer or internet banking. You do not have to pay to the cleaner.

A-Cube Microsystems beat the competition with cost savings of up to
58% per month!

Pre-Move in, Post-Renovation, Spring House Cleaning Services

Up to 20% off usual price! Hurry call us now!

The package includes HEPA filter vacuuming, floor mopping and very thorough and intensive cleaning of entire house. The air that comes out of our vacuum cleaner is highly purified than the air that goes in. It means while vacuuming, we are also purifying the air in your house, making it up to 99.9% pure. We use more expensive and higher quality liquid cleaners which are non-toxic to health.

Beware of those companies that charge very low for pre-move in / spring house cleaning services. For the low price, they cut corners by paying their cleaners very low pay and may also use poor equipment, which may result in low morale, low performance and bad attitudes. Also be careful of companies that charge very high and unreasonable rates for cleaning each unit. You don't have to pay a thousand dollars to get your 4 storey terrace washed! You can dispense with all the grand uniforms and fancy vans. These are hidden costs passed on to you. What you really want is your house to be cleaned!

A-Cube Microsystems is not the highest-priced, because we want to give our customers a fair price. We are neither the lowest, because we do not believe in cutting corners that results in lower quality work. We are a mid-priced, performance and quality based company that gives you value for your money. Part of our earnings are also used to help the poor, sick and needy people and animals in this world.

Our Services (One-time, Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Thrice-weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly)

HDB equivalent 2/3 rooms (2 Bed Rooms, 1Toilet) Pls Contact Us
HDB equivalent 4 room (3 Bed Rooms, 2 Toilets) Pls Contact Us
HDB equivalent 5 room(4 Bed Rooms, 3 Toilets) Pls Contact Us
Executive/Maisonette (5 BRs, 4Ts) Pls Contact Us
2 storey Bungalow/Semi-D ( 5 BRs, 5 Ts) Pls Contact Us
3 storey Bungalow/Detached House (6 BRs, 6 Ts) Pls Contact Us

No Agency Fee!


No Service Charge!

Additional Service charges for Pre-move in packages

Acid washing + S$10-S$20.
The above quoted rates are for unfurnished houses i.e.. vacant house with no furniture. If a house is occupied with furniture, rates +S$20-S$40.

Beware of companies that charge very low prices. Many of them cut corners or have hidden terms and conditions.

We also provide Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing, Carpet Steaming, Carpet Washing Services